Thursday, 17 January 2008

Learning 2.0 for Knowledge Managment - Things 1-4

As a graduate librarian who has recently been shifted sideways from public libraries into the realm of corporate Knowledge Management, I've had a lot to learn. And I've discovered for me, the best way to learn about the latest approaches to Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing was through the many blogs on the subject, some of them written by leaders in the field (Check out the blog roll on the side - coming soon!).

In the midst of all this information absorption I quickly discovered that there's a pretty significant overlap between current library trends and KM trends, especially when it comes to Web 2.0 technologies and their potential for the organisation.

All of which led me to the fabulous 23 Things program designed by Helen Blowers to introduce Web 2.0 to public librarians. So here I am, doing the 23 Things not only for my own benefit but also to see where it can be tweaked to make it a learning tool for Knowledge Managers and their workers.