Monday, 10 March 2008

Thing 6 - Flickr is addictive.....

Flickr epitomises the spirit of internet "surfing" - start at Flickr Mapper with the location Sydney. Get sidetracked via one of the mapped images into cat tag groups....and find this! (Most definitely not taken in Sydney from the spanish title!) I think I spent an hour wandering through, plus I just thought of more tags to search for.

Unfortunately my computer didn't seem to like a lot of the mashup applications. I liked the idea of Associatr by Genista which creates tree associations of tags, but it didn't work for me :(

On to more practical considerations - mashups and business uses. A classic and highly practical one would be a photo of each office attached to a google map. Works for those of us who need landmarks! There is a handy facebook application that maps restaurants to locations - plus reviews from other Facebook users. Awesome! However, when it comes to my line of work I think the most useful element of flickr is the underlying concepts - folksonomies, social networks and creative commons copyright.